10th Dec2014

Σήμερα διάβασα…

Και η Ελλάδα μέσα…

CIA 'torture' report: The 54 countries that will be worried by controversial revelations – Americas – World – The Independent.

Πρώτα το έψαξα, μετά το διάβασα

The Pirate Bay is offline after Swedish police allegedly seize servers

Μπάλα πάνω απ΄ όλα

German and British troops forgot about the war for a moment and played football in the Christmas Truce of 1914 in WW

Οδηγός μεγέθους Facebook για ψαγμένους

The Ultimate Size Guide For Facebook Admins

H “Μαύρη Τρίτη” όπως την είδε ο Independent

Black Tuesday in Greece as markets plummet amid election fears

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